About Us

Our Story

SCHOLARSHIP FOR AFGHANISTAN is a part of Scholarship for Youth Organization -a NGO registered in the Ministry of Economics of Afghanistan- a non-profit organization came to existence at 2014, to help youth people and new generation of Afghanistan, find the best opportunities in their educational fields and professional careers.

Since the establishment of Scholarship4af, it is 4 years we are providing free services to young people that resulted many Afghan students get free educational opportunities, free scholarships, continue their education, find their passionate jobs and consequently enjoy their honorable life.

We have worked in the following areas at these four years freely:

  • Education
  • Job announcement
  • Scholarship
  • Free seminar
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Encouragement of active students, young inventors and new discoveries
  • Educational consultation in different ways
  • Student network and problem solution
  • Knowledge of the day
  • Information
  • Unity among nations of Afghanistan
  • Campaign against discrimination
  • Women rights


We started Scholarship4af with a FACEBOOK page named (SCHOALRSHIP FOR AFGHANISTAN) and announced any educational opportunity, free scholarship, career announcement by this page. Finally we registered our organization (Scholarships for youth organization) when we started to provide our services both physically and online.  Continually provided our free services day and night to make Afghan students aware of any opportunities.

Scholarship4af has inspired many young Afghans to think positive, do positive and try to develop their society. We campaigned against discrimination and spread the spirit of different culture and races acceptance.

Doing that, we have more 320000 real students following us and using our services.

Now we are the number one and only trusted source in Afghanistan to provide right information and high quality services to Afghan students.

Throughout our history, our mission has never varied. We are dedicated to helping students more effectively and passionate about students’ satisfaction. We are proud of our hard-earned reputation for responsiveness, objectivity and effectiveness, to provide the best possible educational and cultural service.

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